My Perfect Friday

Every once in awhile, I have a moment or a day where I actually think I've gotten a handle on everything. Friday was one of those days. I did not go to the office on Friday. Instead Peanut and I had a lovely day together. We did the farmers' market trip in the morning, came home, she napped while I made her food and visited with a friend. After morning nap we played and took a walk. After lunch she played in the Jumperoo while I vacuumed. First time I tried that. Apparently the sight of me dancing around like an idiot while vacuuming is absolutely hysterical to my daughter. Of course, I suppose there are a few people out there that would also find that somewhat amusing. Then there was afternoon nap...during said afternoon nap I had my tea, the phone, the laptop, and the blanket I'm working on all by my corner of the couch. It was heaven. I got to relax for about an hour and 1/2. I could also feel virtuous about it because I accomplished so much in the morning. It was a great day - capped by a great dinner that night with good friends. Might sound boring as all get out to some, but I loved it.

My set up (the battery on the laptop is it has to be plugged in at all times. sort of defeats the purpose, I know)


EatPlayLove said…
aaw...the days of 2 naps. Enjoy every moment of it. It's fleeting.
I think it sounds loverly.
Denise said…
That sounds like the perfect-o day to me!!!!!!
It sounds like a perfect day to me.

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