I'm NOT a big girl now...

Turns out, I'm a big weenie.

I had to have an MRI today on my knee. Nothing noteworthy, I just have bad knees. My first knee operation was at 16 years of age and hopefully, we're not looking at another one soon! Anyway, this was my first MRI. The staff did a wonderful job of explaining what to expect. They even told me about 5 times that my head would not be in the BIG BAD MACHINE. Even so, as they lifted the table I was laying on, and added sandbags to keep my leg still, and added these weird looking donut things to my knee...I started to feel panicky! THEN, they started moving the table in so as to get my knee mid-machine. All the while saying, "do not worry, your head will not be in." I guess I didn't hear that not worry part. Once they stopped moving the table, and my heart started beating again, they put headphones on me...and left. Music started playing - Jimmy Buffett, so at least there was one good thing...a little Come Monday can be very soothing. I tried to pretend I was in a tanning bed. A very LOUD tanning bed.

At the beginning of each group of pictures, they would tell me how long each session would be. The first one they came through the headphones "this test will be 30 seconds." Okay. I can do 30 seconds. All the while worrying "do I have metal in me that I didn't know about?" and "will this machine pull it out violently and horribly?!" The 30 seconds were up, and the music stopped. And I laid there. And laid there. It probably wasn't any longer than another 30 seconds, but it felt longer. I wondered what was going on...and felt very small and alone. I didn't like it. At all.

I'm going to go pout some more, then eat some ice cream.


Manic Mommy said…
That's why God made anti-anxiety meds, dude. You know they'd have to knock. me. out.
CheckyPantz said…
When you have a stroke, you get to sit in one of them things for 20-45 minutes. Your entire upper body is in there. And yes, it's freakin' loud. They give you little foam earplug thingys. But seriously, talk about finding ones' calm, zen center.

Did I mention that they do about 4 in a week?

Just sayin', it could be worse. :)

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