Ah Memories.

On Saturday, the whole family took a trip back in time to revisit a childhood haunt of mine. Growing up, there was a family up the valley from us - a family of four girls, the oldest my age, the youngest my sister's year. We were inseparable in the summers - one swam on the team with my sis and I, and we were all in school together at one time or another. Their house was and is an amazing architectural feat, built by their father and grandfather. It had many levels and hiding places...a fun place when young! As we got older, we still had get-togethers...their (very brave) mother hosting many an after-prom party. They also had a pool - the reason for the visit on Saturday. We were invited for a catching up pool party. The 3rd youngest and I reminisced about our skinny dipping days, and the times we would camp out on the pool deck. We also told stories you can only tell when your children are still infants and can't understand you yet...like the fact that while I never sneaked out of my house to see a boyfriend...I did sneak out of theirs! My sister even commented that the house still smelled the same. I don't know about you, but we always noticed the way other people's houses smelled. And I don't mean in a bad way...each friend or family just had their own smell. It was just a neat moment, standing in the foyer - remembering myself as a little girl, while holding my own daughter. The one sister has a little girl two weeks younger than my Peanut...they were adorable together, and I just had to share a few shots:

My daughter does not routinely smack friends in the head...

All seemed to be forgiven anyway!


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