The Performance of Your Life

I was a theatre major in college.
I graduated.
I moved to the Boston area.
I spent 6 years there on and off.
I auditioned from time to time for things.
I did not get hired for one of them.
I sort of figured out what I wanted to be when I grow up.
I did grow up (well, sort of).
I got married.
I had a baby.
I discovered the best use for my theatre my little girl's smile.

I spent four years in college studying theatre, among other things. Thank goodness for those "other things" (yay to the liberal arts college!). I never was the best, not even close. I enjoyed myself, but mostly sat in awe of those more talented individuals (some read this blog...hi MarthaWho, Checky Pantz, and Bourgeois Deviant). As I sat the other night reading my new favorite book "Bear Wants More" to EGO, and watched her get excited, listened to her laugh at me I thought "wow, that oral interpretation class really did pay off!" Not to mention the hours I spend singing, dancing, and basically making a fool of myself so that my daughter (and sometimes husband) can laugh at me. Yeah, yeah, yeah...the four year degree helped me reach where I am career-wise, helped me get into grad school, but more has helped me to be an entertaining Mom!


Nap Warden said…
I have two art degrees. I loved going to a fine arts college, always wished I had done some theater along the way, but never jumped in. Sounds like yours is being put to good use:)

I sent you an email btw, did you get it?
Denise said…
Ahh, what a huge benefit to your kids!!

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