Growing up..part 2

I started this post awhile ago for a different reason, but thought with Mother's Day being tomorrow, it made sense to take it in another direction.

Last weekend we returned from our Sunday trip to Wegmans - a 25 minute drive to the closest one, but worth it - and as I was putting away the edamame, fresh spinach, tuna steaks, risotto, etc...I got to wondering, what the heck happened to me?! I just finished a blog the other day about how much my daughter has grown in 4 months and now I feel compelled to really look at how I've changed. I knew it was happening/bound to happen. Especially after the 1,000th time someone said to us "oh, having a kid is going to change your life." Yeah. Thanks. We thought it would be JUST the same. That being said, I am amazed at little things.

First off, I have actually been eating breakfast for over a year. Let me explain. Breakfast for me used to mean coffee and cigarettes. In fact, that was lunch too. Sometimes I'd switch it up, eat a couple of Girl Scout cookies, drink a diet soda, and then smoke a couple of cigarettes. Dinner was optional. Unless I was at MarthaWho's house...!! I was known for always having a Starbucks coffee (sometimes Dunk) in one hand, cigarette in the other. I was a skinny, mean girl. Now I'm fat and happy. (for those of you out there who do not know me, I've been smoke free for over a year...I quit officially two weeks before I found out I was pregnant).

Second, sleep deprivation. Now that our little one is here, I don't know how I'm still functioning. My daughter is breastfed. I am not preaching for or against it, my sister's kids are all formula fed and they're all little wonderful geniuses. That being said, my daughter has never had a bottle overnight. She now gets two bottles of pumped milk while I'm away at work. It's been all me. And I'm not the martyr type. But, somehow or someway, I've just kept going. And not in a robot-ish way. I love my daughter like nothing else, and that gets me to roll out of bed and pick her up from her cradle...generally at a time I would have been going to bed. It really truly does amaze me that one little person can turn me into a Mommy. Especially since I spent months before her birth TERRIFIED of breastfeeding. Thinking it wasn't going to work / how was I going to do this?!

So, thank you Petunia for being a beautiful little baby, for turning me into a better person, and for giving me my first Mother's Day. And much love to my Mom for being the best Mommy/Grandma out there.

To all of you Mommies out there, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY.


Manic Mommy said…
Damn Girl, I didn't realize you'd kept up with the smoking for that long! Good for you for finally kicking it. Petunia is well worth it. Don't. go. back.

Yeah, Andy's still a chronic quitter...and then "life" happens.
Yep, that's motherhood. You captured it.

Good news on the smoking--I lost my mom and sister at 61 and 41. You don't want to do that to your sweet daughter!

The pictures with the bear are a great idea.

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