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E.G.O. turned 4 months officially this past week. When she was born, my mother gave us a stuffed Pooh Bear to have her picture taken with each month. My sister's 3 year old still gets her picture taken with her "Lamby." This month was the first time my little mover and shaker gave me a run for my money...trying to sit herself up, falling over, rolling onto her tummy. Not only do the pictures tell a story, but each month when I go into the living room (that we don't live in) to take the pictures I see the changes. More personality showing through, more movement. I am just amazed. And, of course, loving the adorableness that is our Petunia.


CheckyPantz said…
Maybe it's just because I'm one of the few not in a parental way, but the idea of using a size-control device (in your case, a large stuffed bear) is brilliant, and something that never would have occurred to me. She'll be able to look at those photos in a decade-plus and look at the bear on her bed and figure it all out. It's sort of like a hi-tech version of making notches on the wall & writing dates next to them measuring your height. Or am I the only one who did that?

Anyway, it's awesome.
Thanks CheckyPantz! I have to give props again to my Mom for the idea.

And you are not the only one who had wall notches. Mine stopped somewhere around junior high though!
Manic Mommy said…
Isn't it amazing the personality that accumulates in such a short period of time?

We use the pencil marks on the wall for both boys. I guess it works better when they can actually, you know, stand.
evil i said…
This is the best idea EVER. I didn't even have wall notches so I have no such stories to share. I think I just looked in photos to see how much taller I was than my mom!! ;)

Seriously adorable kid. I'm feeling like I need to post cute photos, but having neither offspring nor pets, the world will have to wait til the garden starts producing booty.

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