Damn you US Weekly

I never thought of myself as particularly vain. I mean, in my 20s, when I weighed 115 and could eat anything I wanted, I was happy with myself although probably - in religious eyes - I was sinfully vain.

I had a baby 5 months ago today. I weigh more today than I did 6 weeks after having a baby. I have breastfed for 5 months. I went back to work 2 months ago, and I walk all over that hospital, even taking steps instead of elevators when I'm not climbing too many floors.

I can only fit into about 5 to 6 different work outfits. Getting dressed in the morning is about a half-hour struggle.

Having said all that, I was pretty happy with myself. Choosing to focus on my daughter. Happy with being a Mommy. I believe the "extra padding" and the little more than the 500 extra calories I eat each day helps to keep me going while I continue to wait for that elusive more than 4 hours of sleep at a time. The fact that my sister, who had twins a year ago, looks like a model didn't even bother me.

Then I picked up a recent US Weekly. There stands Christina Aguilera bragging about how she shed 40 pounds in 4 months. I started out okay. I said the usual to myself "oh, her job is to look good. She has a nutritionist, a personal trainer...that's how she could do that." Then, stupidly, I read inside about what she and the other new moms who are skinny eat and do to work out. I ended up crying (someone please tell me when these hormones are going to equal out)...whining about how I can barely muster the energy to do the laundry, much less daily walks, push-ups, etc.

So, damn you US Weekly and the like. But, thank you to my sister. I shared this little episode I had with her and she responded as only a younger sister can. She waited until we were walking in Mt. Gretna...then comes up beside me with her camera and shows a picture she took of me from behind and says "see? you don't look as bad as you think!" I didn't necessarily agree, but there's love for you. Only a sibling would be brave enough to do that. My husband wisely said nothing as he walked off to get me an ice cream sundae.


Manic Mommy said…
Still waiting for that last ten pounds and RC just turned three!!

I like your sister. Eat the ice cream.
Thanks MM...not only did I eat the ice cream, but I made a batch of fudge and ate some of that too! =)
Denise said…
I can beat three years. Try 6. I run my a$$ off everyday and its not coming off very fast. Your not alone!!
HRH said…
Those articles are totally unfair because with nannies and all their staff those new moms are getting sleep which is the first step to any sort of energy to do anything.

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I remember when you first started the blog awhile back I linked to you and then for some reason lost contact...glad we got reconnected. I will add you to the blogroll! Thanks.

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