My Baby is Sick

It was bound to happen. I returned to the work force after 3 months. She’s spending more time with her cousins, one of whom attends preschool twice a week.

Petunia has her first cold.

Mommy and Daddy are sick too, but we’re big people, we can handle it (or, at least, Mommy can. What is it about men when they’re sick?!). At any rate, our little one is stuffed up and has a bit of a cough. I think she may now be having nightmares of that saline drops bottle coming to attack her, poor thing. Yesterday, early evening, she had the magic number on the thermometer. Not the magic “Yay! She’s better!” number, but the “the doctor said to call if it reaches this number” number. Sure enough, the world’s best pediatrician said to call tomorrow for an appointment. She reassured me that the 100.4 is only worrisome in a 1 month old, and to “continue to give her Tylenol every 4-6 hours.” Oops. “Continue?!” We had given her a dose the night before because she was screaming to beat the band (something Petunia does not do very often unless she’d rather be switched to the other side BEFORE having her diaper changed…my kid likes to eat). I hadn’t given her any more Tylenol yesterday because while she was sleepy, snotty, and not as smiley as usual, she didn’t seem to be in any great distress. I’m trying not to feel the “bad mommy” feeling…I was operating on the thought that the less medicine pumped in, the better. I guess I erred too far on that side. She has had 3 doses since that call and I can happily report that the fever has subsided and we’re seeing the doctor this afternoon. Hopefully they won’t call DSS.


A. L. Deviant said…
Looks like you made the right calls to me. All 'round. Its always tough. Just gotta ride it out as best you can.

Good luck. With both kids!
Manic Mommy said…
Don't go to hard on yourself. I too only medicate when necessary. You're fine. I didn't realize 100.4 was a problem.

Oh, and here is something no one told me: Infants only breathe through their noses. If that route is plugged up, they have trouble breathing.

This looks far more scary than it actually is, requiring use of the nasal aspirator (aka snot sucker) vs. a trip to the ER at 5:00 am.

Wha? He was 7 weeks old and we panicked!
KC said…
I've always erred on the side of less medicine, especially when it comes to colds, with little little babies. The doses are so tiny! With my older daughter though, we are pretty liberal with the tylenol (at recommended dosages of course), especially right before we send her along to preschool.

It's like our "don't-send-her-home-early" blessing.

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