Maternity Leave - Nearing the end

I went today to my place of business to visit and meet with my boss regarding my return next week. I have been chatting with friends, getting great advice (such as A.L. Deviant’s comment on Maternity Leave - The Extended Version), etc. In the end, I decided to ask for a reduction in hours for a time. I am a salaried director, with a lot of flexibility in my position and an amazing assistant with a great attitude. However, I did not want to turn it into taking mad advantage of a good thing. Thankfully, I also have a great boss who is very understanding. Of course, it helped I think that he was holding the world’s cutest baby while we were chatting!! So, I’m now a 32 hour a week-er. It remains to be seen if I’ll do the 5 short days or 4 regular (oh, who I am I kidding?! 4 days please).

Thanks to all for you for the helpful advice – and Martha Who? will probably get stuck on g-mail IM with me more than she wants (thanks again babe for the chat yesterday). I’m pretty sure that I’m ready to return to the working world…just someone please remind me of that when I am a sobbing mess next Sunday night!


JCK said…
Good luck on your return to work! I came over here by your friend Christine's recommendation.

Love the title of your blog! Welcome to the blogosphere. There's a great community of supportive bloggers out here.
~ Denise said…
You will love blogging! It helps keep my sanity.

Good luck on going back to work! Everything is going to be ok!

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