Maternity Leave - Extended Version

I wondered when we decided to start our family just how it would be to return to work. Well, I am exactly two weeks away from doing just that and I am NOT happy…and I feel kind of stupid about it. One, Petunia will be cared for by Grandma and Auntie A. – no daycare worries, and as Auntie A. has pointed out, Grandma raised “two perfect girls” (who are incredibly modest as well). Two, I have one of the best jobs in the world at a great organization. My boss is quite flexible as evidenced by the fact that my maternity leave was to end on March 24th and I’m not returning until the 31st. I asked for an extra week due to some work travel Mark will need to do and was given it with a smile.

I’m not worried about the whole pumping thing, I’ve got that down. She’s had a few bottles and takes them just fine, so no worries there. She loves her Grandma, Auntie A., and cousins.

I just want to spend the rest of her babyhood watching, hugging, and playing. Can’t work wait another 9 months?! My cousin tells me that California is thinking about a one-year maternity leave…from a business standpoint, that would be a nightmare, but from a new mommy view, what PA Senator do I call?!


A. L. Deviant said…
You may have already been planning this way, but just in case...

I had the good fortune of being a stay-at-home Dad for a year. The one thing we did that helped ease my transition was to have a week overlap to go from parentdom to grow-up workdom. This way I could adjust to the withdrawal and go gnash on a stick in a corner somewhere until it was time to go get my kid and not have it affect my work performance.

Also, should anything go wrong in the transition, you have the comfort and ease of being able to go on a whim, should you be needed.

Good luck and it does get easier.


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