Clothing Line or Rhetorical Device? You Decide!

We’re sitting watching TV tonight, suffering through commercials because we caught up after pausing for a bit (what did we do before DVR?!). Ah the suspense…I can’t wait to find out, who will be voted off American Idol tonight?! Here comes a commercial with supermodels. It’s Milla Jocovich! Loved her in Zoolander. She’s with some woman I don’t know talking about their new clothing line for Target. Decent commercial. Super skinny models in clothes that will not look like that on me. Whatever. And then, I hear it. Milla calls her clothes “ironic.” Say WHAT? Ironic? How the hell can clothing be ironic? Seriously. I’ve heard a lot of weird things on commercials. Dissecting and complaining about them is actually a sport for Mark and I most evenings. This one I just had to comment on.

Personally, I like my clothes contentious and symbolic. Never ironic. Sorry Milla.


HRH said…
that is really funny. I would buy them if they really were ironic. It would be so cool if someone stopped me and said, "wow, you look so cool and ironic". Hope she can pull it off. Who am I kidding, I buy most of my clothes at Target so I will be sporting the ironic soon.

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